Welcome to Minimalist Believer, a blog about minimalism and the Christian life.

I am CaReese, and I recently graduated with my Master’s degree. I spent most of my life as an extreme consumerist queen. Soon after graduation, I discovered a blog about simple living and it really challenged me to re-examine my lifestyle and my priorities. I realized that there is more to life than buying more stuff. So I decided to shift my focus away from possessions. Instead, I choose to focus on living life to the fullest: fulfilling my dreams, following my passions, and making a contribution to the world.

Minimalist Believer is about more than minimalism. It is a blog about my quest for fulfillment. I write about simplicity, its integration into my faith, and how it is helping me to pursue my passions. Here you will find my struggles, my reflections, and information that will help people on the path to simple, authentic living.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi CaReese, I just discovered your blog. I really like that you are writing about simplicity from a Christian perspective! Is there a way to sign up to receive an email when you’ve updated your blog with a new post?

    1. Hi Beckie! Thanks for visiting. I hope you’ll come back often. Somehow, I forgot to have a follow button on my page. I’m sorry! I just added a place to sign up for email notification. It is located at the bottom of the homepage. I’m always glad to meet others that are seeking to simplify. It’s a journey, and every journey is better with friends 🙂

  2. I am a missionary who recently became a minimalism by need to move a family of five in 10 suitcases without the “setup costs” to start over in a new country. Why is it that minimalism is rarely mentioned in the missionary community and orientation process? How have I just discovered this type of thinking after 15 years overseas? The bigger question is how to maintain this lifestyle when no one talks about it? We try to find substitutes or bring America to us overseas but fill our house with things (and feel okay about it because its less than what typical Americans might have). Any thoughts on how to maintain focus as a newly converted minimalist? Thanks.

    1. Wow! Your life sounds truly amazing. It must be really exciting to work as a missionary. I’m sure there are unique challenges as well. I agree that minimalism isn’t discussed enough in the Christian community. Christians in the US have adopted the habits of our culture. Some missionaries adopt minimalism out of necessity, but many just transfer their old habits to their new location. Minimalism is definitely a journey. There will be ups and downs and setbacks. I think that the most important thing is to keep your goals in front of you. A periodic purge is always a good thing. But as long as you remember which direction you are traveling I think you are doing fine.
      As far as inspiration, I look to other authors and blogs about minimalism. I like so many that it’s hard to pick a favorite. I also think about my friends that moved to Australia and taught me what radical minimalism looked like. I saw how happy they were after and it inspired me. I’ll get there one day 🙂

  3. Thanks for you encouragement. As I research this topic much of the minimalism mindset is already engrained such as anti materialism, spending thrifty, using what I already have, but the change is more of a mindset and acceptance as opposed to doing those things out of necessity. Often those who have lived through tough times like the depression or years of poverty have a harder time NOT hoarding or accumulating especially if those things are free or “cheap”. That is why I find this mindset such a struggle to embrace and enjoy rather than giving in to “normal” mindset of this world. Now that I made the initial purge, I find it a challenge to maintain. But one I’m willing to wrestle with! Joy

  4. Hi. Sherwy here. Your blog is amazing. I have been looking for content about minimalism from a Christian perspective. I’m discovering the less I “cling” onto things, the more I appreciate life and most importantly, God. “Seek Ye first the Kingdom and His Righteous, and all these things shall be added…” has become my life’s mantra. Without the constant desire for things. I urge you to keep posting content. God bless you.

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