Welcome to Minimalist Believer, a blog about minimalism and the Christian life.

I am CaReese, and I recently graduated with my Master’s degree. I spent most of my life as an extreme consumerist queen. Soon after graduation, I discovered a blog about simple living and it really challenged me to re-examine my lifestyle and my priorities. I realized that there is more to life than buying more stuff. So I decided to shift my focus away from possessions. Instead, I choose to focus on living life to the fullest: fulfilling my dreams, following my passions, and making a contribution to the world.

Minimalist Believer is about more than minimalism. It is a blog about my quest for fulfillment. I write about simplicity, its integration into my faith, and how it is helping me to pursue my passions. Here you will find my struggles, my reflections, and information that will help people on the path to simple, authentic living.

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