My Favorite Websites in 2013

This time last year I wrote about five books that rocked my world in 2012. This year, I’d like to share some of the websites that have been valuable to me in 2013. It’s nothing formal. I simply thought of the websites that I visit most frequently and those that I find most interesting. Here are my favorite websites of 2013: – has become one of my favorite sites. The author, Jeff Goins, provides support and inspiration for writers. He has a unique perspective on the writing life and becoming a writer. I find myself going to his site for encouragement, too. His stories about his life are inspirational and he has a way of relating truth in a very disarming way. If you are interested in creating anything, I urge you to check out – I’ve been reading SamSpurlin’s work for years now. He is one of the bloggers that helped me to embrace minimalism. Sam Spurlin now writes about personal development and positive psychology. I enjoy his posts about productivity and development. His site is definitely worth checking out. – This is a great site for writers. The author, Melissa Donovan, posts educational and inspirational articles that have really helped me as a writer. If you write, or want to, visit – I love Relevant. I subscribe to their magazine but I also enjoy the unique offerings on their website. Relevant is a Christian magazine that fully engages the culture. Because Christians don’t spend their lives in church, Relevant doesn’t restrict its focus to matters of church and Christianity. Relevant also discusses current television shows, secular music, politics, social justice, and all the other aspects of real life. Any time I am looking for something interesting to think about I go to

These are the websites that I visit the most. However, there are several websites that I visit on occasion for entertainment, information, or inspiration. Here are a couple: – This is a site that I discovered through a friend’s post on Facebook. The author has unique viewpoints and I actually find his blog informative and entertaining. The author has caused me to think differently about some things. He has a great post about putting time in perspective. Check it out to see what you think. – This is a great blog about simple but successful life. The author, Leo Babouta, has a great story of how he has changed his life. At one time he was a smoker, overweight, and deep in debt. He simplified and changed is lifestyle and he transformed his life. He lost weight. He has fewer possessions an is a much better place financially. I can usually find inspiration and good information when I go to ZenHabits.

There are so many wonderful blogs and websites that I could write for hours about things I find on the internet. In this post I just wanted to highlight a few of the sites I frequent the most.  They have helped me as a writer and as a person. What websites have rocked your world this year?



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