Thoughts of Christmas

Christmas is here. Two thousand years ago, the day of Christ’s birth was full of hope and beauty. While Christmas has become very commercialized, many take time to think about the message of Christmas.

The past couple of days have been busy with visiting and cooking, but I choose to pause and think about the significance of this special time of year. As I think about the message of Christmas, two things really resonate with me:

Fulfillment of promises. The Old Testament is full of prophecies about the coming Messiah. In the birth of Christ, all of those promises were fulfilled. God has a long history of fulfilling his promises. He has kept his promises until this point and he will continue to do so. The promises that God has made to you will come to pass.

The arrival of hope. So much of the message of Christmas is about hope. Because of Jesus’ coming we have hope for a new life on earth. Because of his death and resurrection we have hope for heaven in the life to come. Because of his promises we have hope for his return.

As you go though this day, take some timr to reflect on the meaning of Christmas. the birth of Christ cnahged the trajectory of the human race.  Let is change your heart as well.

Merry Christmas!


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