Hunting on Thanksgiving

This Thursday, millions of Americans will gather to give thanks. It is a time for reflection and quality time with family. It is a time of celebration and great food. It’s an opportunity to stop and acknowledge all our blessings.

This will be our first Thanksgiving without my Grandmother. It promises to be different. However, my family has survived the loss of my mother. We will also survive the loss of my grandmother. We will go on with our loved ones in our hearts.

This has been a difficult year for me. Of course, I have had financial trouble due to my lack of work. It’s been a tough year emotionally. It’s just been tough all around. Things are hard. Some days it’s hard to find things to be grateful for. Some days I can find something. Other days the mountain of problems is so high that I can’t see anything else. That is my reality right now. So how will I get through Thanksgiving?

For me, the best way to approach Thanksgiving is to go hunting, and I don’t mean hunting for bargains at the money-hungry retailers that will be open. I will approach Thanksgiving with a God Hunt. This is something that a friend recommended to me though she usually uses it with children. Simply put, a God Hunt is looking for ways that God is at work in your life. What good thing has happened to you today? How did God bless you today?

Though I am not a child, I find this exercise useful. When things go wrong it feels like God is on vacation while my life falls apart. When I am on the God hunt, I stop and evaluate each day. I look for the places that God is at work and I thank him for working in my life. Somehow, seeing God at work in my life (in even the smallest of ways) is extremely comforting. It lets me know that he hasn’t abandoned me. It gives me comfort to know that he is still there. More importantly, it gives me hope for the future. Seeing God work in my life today builds a sense of excitement for what he will do next. And sometimes you need that little bit of hope to get through the day.

So this week we pause to thank God for our many blessings. We stop to corporately acknowledge the ways that God is working in our lives. However, Thanksgiving has the added, and often under-appreciated, value of giving us a bit of hope for the future. I hope that this week’s celebration does that for you and those that you love.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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