Influence and Inspiration

It’s half-past midnight. My mind is buzzing with excitement and inspiration. Maybe I’m too excited: I can’t sleep.

I am feeling so inspired because I spent time with my friend, Lisa, who has always been a positive influence. Actually, my day has been good overall. It started with some reading and journaling while sipping on a salted caramel mocha (fabulous). After a great writing session, lunch at my favorite restaurant, and some inspiring reading, I spent the evening with Lisa.

We took a walk and talked about her upcoming move to Texas. We started talking about the things that Lisa has learned and I feel like her enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. I’m not moving to Texas (unfortunately) but I am really excited about what’s happening in my own life.

After floundering for a very long time, I now feel like I have some direction in my life. I feel like I have some guidance about how to live the life I want. I feel that God has given me a sense of how to get there. I just need to act on what he has shown me. I feel like the next phase of my life is beginning.

Sometimes when transitioning from one phase to another changes have to be made. In this case, I need to shed three things:

I need to part with some of my belongings. I have some clothes that need to go to Goodwill, shoes that need to go in the garbage, and jewelry that needs to be given away. My life is simpler than it was but it needs to be simpler still. A full purge is in my future.

I need to let go of old ways of thinking. Or perhaps I should say that I need to change old ways of not thinking. I still seem to have some mindless activity in my life — mindless eating, spending, and TV watching. I must trade these mindless activities for meaningful activity. My goals must be in the forefront of my mind.

I need to eliminate things that waste time.  There can’t be hours playing online games and hours in front of the TV. Minimalism is about choices. I must choose to do things that matter.  For example, it is more important that I write than it is for me to catch all my friends’ Facebook statuses.

While I am making some changes to my life during this transitional period, I hesitate to say that I am taking control of my life. I prefer for God to take control of my life. I believe fully in his Lordship and control of my life. But what I am doing is making a space for him to work. I am acting on things he has already instructed me to do and watching to see how he works.

One short evening with a friend getting ready to enter her next phase of life has inspired me to get ready for the next phase of mine. It’s amazing how we are influenced by those around us. Who inspires you? How do you prepare for change?


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