Creating Space in Your Life

I am a firm believer in journaling and I try to write as often as I can. I was journaling last night about how I seem to have gotten off track lately. I haven’t been eating well enough or exercising enough. I haven’t been writing enough. I have been to busy with facebook and texting and watching TV. I want to see change, but in order to to see it I have to make room. I have to create a space.

This phrase came to me last night as I journaled, and it seemed to resonate within me. I need to create a space for the things I would like to see in my life. How can we create space in our lives for the things that are important?

We can create a space for God to work in our lives. This may look different for each of us. For some it will mean taking on leadership at church. For others, it may look like  finding a new job or starting a new business. It may look like applying for graduate school. It might be as simple as asking someone out for coffee. The idea is to see what God might want to do and then take a step in that direction.

We can create a space for God to speak. This is so important. But for me, it is also the most frustrating part of being a Christian. What does God want? In some cases, I know. For example, he didn’t want me to harm my former employer (though I really wanted to). But does he want me to go back to school? Or relocate to Fort Lauderdale (please, please, please)? Or run for public office? Do you need to seek guidance? Create a space for God to speak. That might mean spending more time in the bible. It might mean seeking godly counsel. It might mean spending some time with some good music, your prayer journal, and a steaming cup of tea. Create a time and a space to hear from God.

We can create a space for fitness. Is it your goal to exercise five days a week? Be sure to put that time in your schedule. Trying to eat healthier? Have you allotted time  to buy groceries and prepare your meals? The main thing is to set aside time for health.

We can create room to grow. Do you want to be a better painter? Writer? Pianist? Prestidigitator? Hone your craft. Put in some practice. In this case, my writing seems off. Maybe it will right itself if I create a space. For me, that will look like getting up a little earlier and spending more time writing. What will it look like for you?

Life gets busy. If we’re not careful we can lose sight of our goals and our dreams. What would you like to see in your life? How can you create space for that to happen?