This is the last day of my vacation here in Playa del Carmen. I spent the last three hours or so in a chaise on the beach. I had a nice conversation with a gentleman from Denver. I wrote in my journal. My main activity, however, was sitting and looking at the water and the passersby. No running around. No shopping. Just rest.

As I lay on my chaise, I was struck by the importance of rest. I live a busy life. We all do. The ever-growing To Do lists and the demands of work and family are enough to keep us going for days. This is precisely the reason that we should make rest a priority.

Rest is so important that God himself set aside a day to rest. He also commanded his people to rest on the Sabbath. This time is needed to rest from our physical labors, but also to take a break from all of the things that consume our mental energy. We need time to relax and also to reflect and plan.

Sometimes things get so busy that it seems that I have no time for rest. The opposite is true. If I try to go too long without resting then I am less efficient. I get irritable. I am easily distracted. Adequate rest enables me to produce quality work; usually in less time.

The key for me is to do things that are truly restful. Activities like checking Facebook, playing games on my iPad, and watching TV are not restful for me. These things consume time but they are not restorative. For me, resting is reading, sipping a cup of tea, talking with family, or journaling. These are the things that fill me up so that I can give attention to my work.

I used to have a teacher that would always thank God for rest and refreshment over the weekend. And I now thank God for times that rest and refresh me. This vacation has been a wonderful respite for me and my family. I am grateful for every minute.


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