Sometimes we lose focus. It happens to all of us. We get distracted and lose sight of our goals. It happens.

I seem to have lost focus over the last couple of weeks — on just about everything. I have just been drifting through life doing whatever sounded good at the time. I didn’t get things accomplished. I didn’t exercise. I didn’t eat right. I did very little that actually mattered.

So how do we get out focus back?

Take Five. When you’ve lost your focus helps to stop floundering, take a step back, and regroup. For me, that means some extended journal time, a run, or some time on the yoga mat. Whatever it is, it’s a definite break from the meaningless activity that has gotten me off track. Having that time away will give an opportunity to think about what you’re doing and what you’d like to do differently.

Decide. It is essential that you know what you want to do and why. If it helps, write it down. Create a dream board. Get clear on what you want to do and the best way(s) to make that happen.

Get into the groove. I like structure. I function best when I have a rhythm to my life. For me that rhythm includes  work or study, writing, eating well and exercising. If I can get into that rhythm — instead of mindlessly floating from activity to activity — things go much more smoothly. I get more done, and getting things done decreases my anxiety level. Do you work well with a schedule? If so, make one and get into your rhythm that way.

Visual or musical cues. Several years go, I was preparing for a standardized test. One of the study books recommended that you take something or wear something in particular that you could look at to regain focus. I chose to wear a gold ring. Whenever I got distracted I would look at the ring to bring my mind back to the task at hand. These days, I put on my Janet Jackson playlist if I want to get things accomplished. It’s important to have a cue that tells you to focus.

Using these techniques I have been able to get back on track. I am getting things done and feeling good about the direction my life is heading.  How do your bring yourself back after losing focus?


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