Choosing To Trust

by CaReese

The last few weeks have been really rough. I have been working insane hours at a job that is not working out. At all. I am not sure how much longer it will last, and that’s ok.

Yes, I need income. Yes, I have bills to pay. Yes, I feel anxiety rising about what will happen to me. But I am choosing not to give in to it. As I battle this anxiety, I try to remind myself of two things:

Ultimately, this job is not my source. Jesus is. God is my provider, and he can provide my any means.

Worrying will not help me one bit. Worry does not pay bills. It doesn’t help me find a job that’s actually going to work for me. It does nothing to help the situation.  It actually makes the situation worse by hindering my productivity, making my head hurt, and robbing me of sleep at night.

So, in this moment of uncertainty, I am making a deliberate decision that I will not give in to anxiety. God is going to do something. I have no idea what, but he will do something.

I will pray. I will continue to search for work. And I will choose to trust God to get me through this.