How To Organize Your Purse

I am always on the lookout for “clutter creep,” when we slowly accumulate stuff after decluttering. Purging has to become a part of your routine. If not, the creep sets in and we have just as much clutter as before.

For me, the creep is a constant concern. And the hardest place to control the creep is in my purse. Too often, I stand at the door digging in my purse for my house keys. It is also embarrassing to sit your purse on a counter when it has a ton of stuff in it. The fact that my purse sometimes weighs as much as a small child is a problem in itself.

Keeping your purse organized is a struggle, but it’s better if you have a strategy. Here are some things to consider when taming the beast in your bag:

  • Wallet – Do you use your wallet for storing business cards, receipts, and other things? It’s ok to put important things in your wallet. However, a wallet can only hold so much. Set a regular time (weekly, monthly, etc.) to go through your wallet and clean out all the extra stuff.
    • Also consider dumping change every week. Change is heavy and it takes up space. Collecting change is also a good way to save some extra money.
  • Keys – Do you need all they keys on your key ring? If there are some that you don’t use, or some that you only use occasionally, consider taking them off and putting them in a safe place until they are needed.
  • Makeup – Do you need a full makeup collection everywhere you go? Most of us can get away with just lip products. Usually lipstick is all we need. One signature look and a spare is good enough.
  • Pockets – Most purses have a zipper pocket. It tends to collect receipts, business cards, reward cards (those that aren’t important enough to be kept in the wallet) and all other manner of junk.
    • Consider taking a different approach with reward cards and gift cards. Keep a wallet in the house for all these cards. This will cut down on unplanned trips to the stores (good for our minimalist goals!).
  • Miscellaneous –  There are a ton of other things we carry in our purses: pens, combs, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, books, iPods, iPads, cell phones… Evaluate what you really need on a daily basis and carry only those things.
  • Repeat! Go through your purse periodically to make sure that the clutter doesn’t creep back in.

What are your purse management tips?


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