Media for Minimalists

I have committed to living simply, but I have not committed to a lifetime of deprivation. I love my media. Books, especially. I also love CDs. My DVD collection is not very large, but I do have a few.

Before minimalism, I collected books. I love books of all kinds: fiction, reference, language, cookbooks, and just about every other. I also collected CDs. However, the advent of the digital age has made it easier for me to live simply.

I bring simplicity to my media by:

  • Keeping music digitally. Everything is stored on my computer. I am partial to iTunes, and I use it to store and organize my rather large music collection.
  • Investing in an eReader or tablet computer. I will always need books. The iPad makes it possible to fulfill my need for books without taking up space. I realize that this is still a form of collecting, and to some extent. But for my level of simplicity, the the ability to read books digitally is the key to maintaining my collection without all the space.
  • Getting magazines for iPad. I am just starting to explore this one. I really like magazines, but I don’t like to keep them around forever. And of course I feel guilty for throwing them out because I paid for them. I recently got a subscription to Relevant Magazine, which I read on my iPad. It’s awesome because I get access immediately and there is nothing store.
  • Watching movies online. I recently signed up with Flixster and Vudu to watch digital copies of movies. I don’t watch a lot of movies, but this is a way to watch them without taking up space. And, of course, there is Netflix. You can access a ton of movies without buying anything.

The digital age has made it so much easier to have the media that I need while using minimal space. I can still read my 30 books this year without buying a new bookshelf. For me, that’s a perfect solution.


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