Extreme Makeover – LIFE Edition

I loved Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Even when I should have been studying, I would sit riveted as Ty Pennington and company destroyed a family’s dwelling place and then worked together to design and create a new one that was better for them and their way of life. The show made me cry more times than I’d like to admit.

Maybe there’s just something in my heart that loves the idea of something new. I love the idea of blessing a family in need. I love the idea of giving someone a fresh start.

Having a new home built to suit was an amazing opportunity for the families, but it was not without sacrifice. While they didn’t have to pay for the home, they did have to give up something. First, they had to give up what they already had. Their old home may have been too small, unsafe, or in disrepair, but it was theirs. They had memories there. They had their stuff there. In order to have the Extreme Makeover, they had to give up what they had — their home and everything that went along with it: furnishings, appliances, and memories. That was the only way to qualify for the makeover.

Second, the lucky family had to give up control. They had to leave the design and construction up to Ty and his team of experts. They couldn’t choose the layout, furniture, or the paint colors. These were decisions that Ty’s team made. Sure, they did their best to create something that would meet the family’s needs and suit their tastes. However, there was no guarantee. The family had to live with whatever Ty’s team had decided. That is both scary and exciting at the same time.

Right now, I find myself in need of a makeover. While my housing situation is stable, my life is not. There are some things that need to be remodeled and revamped. There are some things that need to be demolished completely, and others that need to be built from the ground up. My life needs an Extreme Makeover.

This may be my lucky day. Yesterday my pastor announced a church-wide fast for the next 21 days, starting Sept 10. It is a time to push back from something (food, TV, social media, sweets) and press into God and hear what he has to to say. It is a time to seek God for direction, change, or just a closer relationship. In all respects, I am a prime candidate for an Extreme Makeover.

Like the families on the show, there is a cost for me. I have to give up something. I might have to abandon my way of thinking. I might have to give up some habits. I will have to change what I consume and how I spend my time.

Similarly, I will have to give up control. I don’t know ahead of time what the result of the fast will be. I’m not sure what changes God will make in my life. This is a time when I let go, step back, and let God remodel my life as he sees fit. I don’t get to make the decisions. This is his show.

As I prepare to embark on this 21 day journey, I am really committing myself to seeking God. I will do all the things I know to do: spend time reading, spend time praying, and serve at church. I will also take some time to just slow down and listen for God’s voice.

During this time, please pray for me. Please pray that God would speak to me. Pray that my life will be transformed. Pray that might I emerge a different person. Pray that this will be new beginning for me.  And pray that I will know God better in the process.

I am looking forward to emerging from this fast with a totally remodeled life.  And if all goes well, I’ll be brought to tears by the wonderful result.



2 thoughts on “Extreme Makeover – LIFE Edition

  1. Yeah! I wholeheartedly believe in you and your willingness to put your trust in God’s hands! You are actively pursuing Truth. You are giving up control. And guess what! I just prayed that you will be attentive and aware and breathe in what he needs you to feel. You’re going to kick this fast’s butt.

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