My Prayer For you – September

Lord, I thank you for every person that you have brought into my life.

I thank you for your care and protection.

Thank you for your blessing and provision.

Please continue to bless your people that we may be a blessing.

Bless our families.

Bless our homes and businesses.

Bring healing to our bodies and peace to our lives.

Transform us by your Spirit.

God, I pray that you would cause your people to know the truth, and be set free.

I pray that the light of your truth would shine into our lives, and that we would be forever changed.

Guide us in every decision.

For those that are returning to school, I ask for your protection and help.

For those that are employed or in business, I pray for blessing and favor.

For those that grieving, I pray for comfort and strength.

And for those that are experiencing hardship, Lord, bring deliverance.

Help us to remember that you are present among us, and that you have brought your Kingdom to earth.

Reign as King in our lives.



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