A Fresh Perspective on Stuff

My thought for the day is courtesy of my pastor. He talked a lot about stewardship, and I will be writing more about this later. In the meantime, though, I’ll share my thoughts for today.

In a recent sermon, my pastor said something that really struck me: everything we have is God’s. Everything we have is given to us to steward, not for ourselves. This impacts me in three ways:

  • It makes no sense to constantly accumulate more stuff for myself. What I think I own, is his.
  • I have to think more carefully about money (that’s his, too). Would God really want me to buy those five bottles of shower gel, especially when I have three at home already?
  • When I see everything as belonging to God, it is much harder to be stingy. God would want me to share what I have. So I need to keep this in mind, and be generous with what I have. God would let my cousin eat the ice cream. God would let my relatives use my favorite soap. He would let my friends take all my blue pens. He would have me hold on to things very lightly.

Minimalism is about breaking my attachment to things, and pursuing the things in life that really matter. This fresh perspective on stuff should really help me on this journey.


9 thoughts on “A Fresh Perspective on Stuff

  1. This is so simply and perfectly written. It just further proves that God would not let us go unprovided for. He may strip us of everything at times in order to make us realize that everything we have been blessed with is exactly that- a BLESSING- a gift from above. Thank you for your insight 🙂

    1. Hi Kassie Richelle, and thanks for stopping by! I am really thinking (and planning on writing) more about God’s provision, and what he expects us to do. While I reflect on it, do you have any thoughts on God’s provision in your life that you’d like to share?

      1. I just tried to reply to this but It doesn’t look like it worked so hopefully this doesn’t post twice.
        Anywho, my favorite scripture reference regarding God’s provision is probably Luke 12:22-34. It presents us with such a simple truth- If we first seek His kingdom, He will provide for us. Just like that. And He is faithful and true to his word. Coming from someone who suffers from anxiety quite a bit, I find this bit of scripture so comforting, yet convicting at times. Could I really give up everything I have to seek His kingdom if that’s what He calls me to do? And just trust that He will provide for me? Yet right there in Luke i am so humbled because it is so true. God provides for even the ravens, why would he not provide for us? Gosh, it just blows my mind how much he loves and blesses us in our sinful, undeserving, state. He’s just amazing.

  2. God eventually makes us realize that there is more to life than material things. Thanks for sharing His reminder.

    1. Yes, he does. This is a lesson I’m still learning, and I am trying to seek after the things in life that are truly important. I am trying (and struggling sometimes) to pursue his plans for me. How do you do it? Any thoughts about this will surely help me! I’m so glad you stopped by!

      1. Oh I am still considering the idea of minimalism, CaReese. I am also struggling with getting rid of the stuff I don’t really need.
        Spending or focusing on experiences and not gadgets would probably be a start, for my case, since I am easily fascinated with technology.

        Also, I am trying to make reading and reflecting on at least a chapter of the bible a daily habit.

  3. I like this simple-yet-bold post. We have so many distractions nowadays: Social media which inhibits real-life conversation with close friends, hundreds of ads barking at us each day from every angle, jobs that consume us with promises of more money… how does God want us to live? Does he command us to enslave ourselves with distractions, or to simply love each other? I’ve been looking into this “Homesteading” movement– giving back to the land, making/growing your own food and household items instead of depending on name brand products and Walmart… embracing community and living simply. It’s very intriguing.

    1. It’s funny, I have been really moving toward a simple, more natural existence. I have always believed in cooking real food from scratch. I am of the opinion that food should not come in boxes! My grandparents grew up in Mississippi in the 1930’s. They made almost everything they ate. They grew their own vegetables. The canned their own food. They also had an outhouse, but I wouldn’t want to go that far!
      In our world of pesticide-covered produce and hormone/antibiotic filled animal products, I really want to return to that natural way of life. I had no idea that “Homesteading” is what that’s called. I am all for it and I will be looking into it, too. My life is already moving in that direction, and ideally, I would live a natural, simple life. I am so glad you shared this comment!

  4. I just found your blog, and I read several of your entries in one setting. I really enjoy and relate to your writings. Concerning God’s provision, I believe He gives us everything we need to complete the plan that He has for us. As Kassie Richelle mentioned, seek first the Kingdom of God and discover your purpose in the Kingdom, and there will be provision. That provision could very well be enough joy in the Lord to show others how to live with less stuff.

    God bless you and happy minimizing!

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