The Evolution

There seems to be an emerging theme in my life right now. There are so many things I want to do, so many things I want to happen. I want to pursue health and fitness (I want to become a consistent runner and change my eating habits). I want to become a serious writer. I want to become a successful jeweler.

As I nurture these dreams, I am finding that none of these can be accomplished with in a single strike. There are no quick fixes. My goals will require consistent efforts, sustained over a period of time. It is not going to be a revolution, it’s going to be an evolution.

evolution |ˌevəˈloō sh ən|

a process of change in a certain direction: unfolding

This is in sharp contrast to the culture in which we live. We expect things to be done immediately. We can buy books and music one moment, and enjoy it on our devices the next. Information is available any time we want it. We have become accustomed having anything we want on demand.

And here is the problem with evolution: there’s nothing instant about it. Evolution is a slow, deliberate process. It offers no instant gratification. It offers only the hope of change in the future.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on this blog before, but I enjoy knitting. I am currently knitting a baby blue afghan. It is a long project and because I don’t knit every day, it will take me months to complete it. There is little in the way of instant gratification: I feel a sense of accomplishment each time I finish a new row. My afghan is currently about 2 feet long. By the time I finish, it will be about 8 feet long. And there is only way to reach that length: one stitch at a time.

I understand the concept when it relates to knitting. So why do I so often expect instant changes in the rest of my life? To accomplish these goals, I will have to develop a long range vision that includes deliberate, daily action.

But how can we work toward these massive goals?

Show up every day. Put in the work every single day. Write every day. Work on diet every day. Do some sort of activity every day. Do what will make you successful, and do it every day.

Keep the goal in mind. It is hard to keep doing something when you’re not seeing results. It’s during those times that we are often temped to give up. If we give up, we will never see the results we want, though. It’s hard, but you have to find a way to keep going. Remember that the gratification will come.

Celebrate small victories. Celebrate those little successes along the way. Did you lose two pounds? Great. Did you run one block further today? Fantastic. Reach the 35,000 word count? Outstanding. Celebrate the fact that you’re making progress. This will give you some momentum and encourage you to keep going.

Change takes time and effort. People who understand this can accomplish great things.  And this is how I will change my life. I will become a runner one step at a time. I will become a writer, one word at a time. I will change my eating habits, meal day at a time. And I will become a better person, one day at a time.