My Latest Downfall

I had good intentions, I really did. I went to Sephora a few days ago to pick up some foundation for my aunt. How nice of me, right?

Of course, once I crossed the threshold of the store, I felt a sense of euphoria. It had been a while since my last trip, and there were so many new things. Yes, I was there for my aunt, but it would be harmless to look around, right? After all, I thought, I’m a minimalist. I won’t buy anything. I’ll just look.

And look I did. Then, I tried on. Then, I’m ashamed to admit, I bought. I bought a lipstick and a lip gloss. And I wanted to buy more! If I had more money, I probably would have bought a bronzer, a blush, and a tube of mascara.

All the way home, I told myself how pathetic I was. I wouldn’t have felt so bad if I had only left with one thing, but I left Sephora with two things. I thought about all the lip products I have in my red bag at home. And I thought about the fact that I had fallen off the wagon. Again.

Once I stopped beating myself up, I found a more balanced perspective. I just ran out of my favorite lipstick, and I am about to use the last bit of the matching gloss. The shades that I bought are unlike anything I have. It really wasn’t a bad purchase. Minimalists do buy lipstick. It’s ok.

While it could have been worse, I also know that it could have been better. I don’t want to make unplanned purchases every time I go to the mall. So how can I avoid this kind of mistake in the future?

  • Never walk into a store casually. Know that stores are full of attractive things, and that those things are showcased so that you will buy them. The displays are intended to entice you to buy – as much as possible. Be aware of this walking in, and make a decision to resist.
  • Know your weaknesses. It’s important to know where you are most likely to slip. In my case, it’s makeup. Avoid the biggest temptations as much as possible.
  • Have a plan. Make a list. Set a budget. Stay on task.
  • Limit browsing. It was a mistake to go browsing in a store like Sephora – if you look long enough, you’re bound to find something you like. Don’t browse for fun. Don’t look at what you don’t need.

I’m hoping that my next trip to the mall is more successful. Though I did give in to temptation this time, I don’t consider myself a failure. I won’t consider myself a failure until I stop trying altogether.


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