Step Away From The Handbag

I have a thing for handbags. I have 5 -10 quality handbags. No, I haven’t purged my handbags yet. Yes, I realize that this is a problem. And no, I don’t see this being resolved any time soon.

Anyway, I just spent the last 45 minutes shopping on Bag, Borrow or Steal. How did I end up there? I am enjoying the 80 degree temperatures here in Chicago, and I’m feeling the urge to change to a spring handbag. Instead of buying a new handbag, and adding to my collection, I decided to investigate renting a handbag for the summer.

So I went, and found two handbags that I really like. One is straw and the other is pale pink leather. It would satisfy my desire for a new spring handbag, but it wouldn’t be adding to the clutter because I would send it back in three months.

But renting a handbag isn’t the answer. It is better than buying yet another handbag, but it’s still  giving in to the desire for more. It’s a temporary form of more, but it’s still more.

The problem is my desire to be fashionable. I can’t follow fashion trends and live simply. It’s not possible. Fashion trends dictate a whole collection of new things every season. No wonder people are drowning in clutter and debt.

As someone that is adjusting to minimalism, it’s hard to get fashion out of my system. I’m used to having a variety of purses, shoes, clothes, and just about everything else. That makes great fashion sense, but I’m not sure it makes good sense.

I also love being fashionable because people notice. I love being complimented on my handbag, or my shoes, or my jewelry. It makes me feel good to know that people appreciate my sense of style. But that’s no reason to buy more stuff.

Instead of buying a new purse to feed my desire for more stuff, or to look like a fashionista, I have decided to use one of the many handbags that I already have. Truth be told, I don’t need more. I just need more appreciation for what I already have.


One thought on “Step Away From The Handbag

  1. Yeah, right on! The concept of being “owned” by fashion trends made me become repulsed by the notion. How independent are we if we depend on other people to tell us what to wear? Luckily the “hipster trend” within the past 5-6 years is making us strive to be more creative with our wears. Though what goes along with this is shopping secondhand… oh my gosh… there’s a danger zone for me! Nothing’s better than hearing “Wow, cute sweater!” and replying with “Thanks! It’s from that secondhand clothing place downtown.” Guess everyone has their temptations.

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