One At A Time

What am I doing? Sitting in Barnes & Noble, listening to Frank Sinatra, and trying to resist the urge to buy more books than I can read. Perhaps I should explain.

I have a renewed interest in reading, and the sound of Frank Sinatra’s melodies only makes me want to curl up with a wonderful blanket, a good book, and glass of wine.  But I digress… Two days ago, I finished a wonderful book, called Insatiable, and I am now ready to start a new book. But what to read? I did some research on new and interesting fantasy novels last night. I found lots of great candidates, among them: A Game of Thrones, Blood of Requiem, and The Name of the Wind. There’s also the newly released Inheritance, the fourth and final installment of the Eragon series.

So I came over to Barnes & Noble, gift card in hand, ready to purchase Inheritance. But I was in for a surprise: the book is the full $27.99! I thought it would be discounted, as popular new fiction is often reduced. I wasn’t about to pay $27.99 for one book (unless it’s a textbook). So I pulled out my laptop and ordered the same book from Amazon for $15.10. Yes, I ordered from Amazon while sitting in Barnes & Noble. Yes, I am aware of how wrong that is.

So I still have the Barnes & Noble gift card. My first thought was to get a book to read once I finished Inheritance. I have no shortage of options, but do I really need to get the next book right now? Inheritance is not a small book (860 pages!), it will probably take me 7-10 days to read it. Maybe more, depending on my schedule. Why should I have my next book sitting while I read my current one? To be truthful, I contemplated buying the first three of the Game of Thrones series. I know, I know, it’s crazy, but it’s cheaper that way.

Whether it’s one book or three, why do I feel the need to have the next book(s) right now? Why am I concerned about any book other than the one that I am currently reading, or in this case, the one I will be reading when it arrives tomorrow? This is how I wind up stockpiling food, books, bath products or anything else (more on this in an upcoming post). My mind is constantly trying to anticipate everything I’ll need in the future, or just in case. Even when it comes to recreational reading, I’m concerned about what comes next.

Lately, I’ve been trying to live life differently. I’m changing what I buy. I’m changing the way I think about possessions. Maybe it’s time I changed the way I think altogether. Maybe I should think about taking things one at a time. One pair of shoes, one shower gel, and yes, one book at a time.

So I now leave Barnes & Noble, empty handed, but with a new perspective. I will read Inheritance, and I will love it. Then I’ll think about the next book. But for now, I’m going to enjoy these 860 pages as if they are the only ones on the planet.



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