I face another purchase: the iPad 2. I want it so badly! I am already a Mac lover, so the iPad 2 is a natural choice for me. The sleek design beckons me. The digital possibilities keep me up at night. But do I need it?

This is where my minimalist ideals are tested. The iPad 2 is the product I have been waiting for. But is this a case of need or good old American greed?

Chances are: it’s greed. Consumerism is so pervasive, and Apple has done such a great job of marketing that I really feel like the iPad 2 is a necessity. It is not (for me, at least). So I have decided to deny myself and leave the iPad 2 in the store. This is a big step for me. Rarely have I willfully denied myself something that I really want. It’s painful. However, there are some positives:

  • Morale. My minimalist goals prevail. In light of past failures, it feels good to have a victory. Minimalism wins over consumerism.
  • Finances. The hefty sum that I would have spent on the iPad can now be used for other things.
  • Space. This is one gadget that I don’t have to store. That’s one charger I don’t have to keep up with.
  • Time. I will have more time because I will not spend hours going through the App store. I do not have to clean it or maintain it.

When I stop and consider the positives, denying myself does not seem so bad. People do it every day. I need to learn to do it more often.

The moral of the story: denying yourself hurts, but it also has some positives. The next time you are faced with the possibility of denying yourself, consider the positives.


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