Walking the Walk

I am faced a crisis, and I need to sell stuff. This is very difficult for me. Giving away clothes is one thing. Getting rid of furniture is another. Clothes don’t cost that much compared to, say, an armoire, or a shisham wood book case with glass doors. Parting with that stuff requires a different level of commitment.

I have decided to sell my TV and my prized bookcase (with doors!). From a financial standpoint, this is my only option. And even though I am an aspiring minimalist, I am still hesitant to sell my stuff.

Yes, it’s only a TV and a bookcase, but I somehow have an emotional attachment to this stuff. I somehow came to love  my bookcase. I remember buying it. I paid good money for it. It held my precious books.

I don’t have the same attachment to my TV, but I worry that I may want a TV in some point. Will I really be able to live a TV-free existence? What about the Food Network?!

Getting rid of my stuff is also difficult because I also have the “what if…” syndrome. What if I need this in the future? What if I regret getting rid of this? What if I have to purchase another one — won’t that be wasting money?

At this point, I have no answers to these questions. I guess all this is a part of the purging process. I suppose that everyone has to face these questions, as well as the uncertainty that comes along with them. But other minimalists seem to find a way to push through.

This is the place where I put all my minimalist values into practice. But in this process, I realize that believing and doing are two different things. Just because I believe in simple living doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get rid of my things. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done.  Craigslist, here I come.


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