The Minimalist Vacation – Insights from Playa del Carmen

At the end of July, I spent a week in Playa del Carmen with my family. This vacation was truly minimalist. During this time, there was no facebooking and no tweeting. There was minimal internet usage. There was a ton of time for myself and my family.

Our typical day consisted of a light breakfast followed by a dip in the pool. Then we had a nice lunch and some time in the pool or on the beach. After the afternoon swim, we would prepare dinner and wither relax or swim until bedtime. Our schedule wasn’t crammed with excursions to this place or that one. There was time to write and to just sit and watch the waves crash on the beach.

There was also minimal shopping. Partially due to my minimal budget, but partially because I did not want to spend my vacation in stores. I wanted to spend it on the beach.

By going facebook free and refusing to fill my vacation with endless excursions, I had time to live in the moment. I will remember those lunches on the beachfront patio forever. Those memories mean more to me than the few souvenirs that I purchased. The experiences made the vacation, not the shopping. I had lunch on our beachfront patio. I took boat ride. I swam in the ocean. I got lost in my book right there on the beach. I took a long walk with a 7 year old. I wrote in my journal every night. These are the things that I accomplished on this trip. And these things are enough.


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