Digital Sabbatical

As I learn more about simple living, I am learning to be more mindful of how I spend my time and what I give my attention to. I am also learning about how to relax and refresh. With this in mind, I have decided to take a digital sabbatical.

What is a digital sabbatical? For me, it is a time of pulling back from a many of the digital activities that I engage in. I will only use the internet as necessary (job hunting, etc.). I want this to be a time of focusing on me. For this reason, I will not be posting to Minimalist Believer.

So what will I be doing?

  • I will spend some time in Mexico (I’m really looking forward to this part!). Some family members are traveling to Mexico, and I am going with them. This will be a time of rest and refreshment. No facebook. No twitter. Just me, a great book, and my journal.
  • There will be lots of reading, too. I have lots of reading materials that I will take in during this sabbatical. Most of these are readings that will help me to reflect on life how to live the life of my dreams.  Hopefully, I will also get some clarity and focus about what I really want in life.
  • I will spend lots of time writing. I am thinking about writing a book about the people of God and social justice. I intend to flesh out my ideas, and hopefully begin writing.
  • I will make time for spiritual refreshment. There will time for reading, prayer, and reflection.

When will it end? I anticipate the returning to Minimalist Believer on September 1. If I have something that I just have to share, I will probably post it, but I will not be posting regularly. I will be getting a sharper focus on my life, and I hope that will be reflected in my writings here on Minimalist Believer.

I encourage you to think about a digital sabbatical as well. It doesn’t have to be as long as mine (I have an awful lot to process), but you may benefit from a time of relaxation and reflection.

I will see you September 1!


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