Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball.

I have made a difficult decision in recent days. Because of my financial situation, I have chosen to return to the business of jewelry sales.

Wait. WHAT??

Yes, I will be selling jewelry.

Given my commitment to simple living, how can I (in good conscience) sell jewelry? How can I pursue minimalism while selling stuff?

Part of me does feel bad about selling people stuff. But the stuff itself is not evil. It’s the overconsumption of stuff that is problematic.

At the same time, I feel good about what I am doing. I will be an independent consultant for a Christian company. Their emphasis is on service. They support missionaries. I’ve worked with this company before. Their Christianity isn’t just on the surface. These people are real.

So while my business is about stuff, my life will not be. Minimalism will still be my personal way of life. I will continue to pursue simplicity as an individual. This may even help my business. Instead of shopping all the time, I can organize, make phone calls, etc.

Yes, part of me feels guilty for selling stuff, but at the end of the day, it’s just business.


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