I Don’t Want A Boat

On Saturday, I had a night of fun with some friends. We went to the Taste of Chicago, and then to Navy Pier to watch the fireworks (which were awesome). On the way there, though, we walked past all these people that were having parties on their yachts and sailboats. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

Inside, I stared to want my own boat. That way I could have a boat-party, too. I found myself wondering when I would have enough money to buy a boat. I felt even more dissatisfied with my life because I don’t have a boat, and I have no idea if or when I ever will.

Then, it dawned on me: I am a minimalist. I do not need one more thing to pay for. I do not need one more thing to maintain. I do not need one more thing, period!

No doubt, boats are great. A boat-party looks like a lot of fun. But why do I need to own  a boat? Wouldn’t it be good enough to know someone with a boat? Isn’t it possible to rent  a boat? Isn’t it possible to enjoy some of the benefits of having a boat without owning one?

So what I really want is to spend some time on a boat, not the boat itself. It’s the experience that I want, not the object. I think sometimes I get confused about what I want. I want an experience, so I buy an object.

This journey of minimalism is helping me to focus on what I truly need and what I truly want. I don’t want more objects. I want more experiences.


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