On Not Working For Things

I grew up defining life in terms of things. I was to get my education so that I could get a good job. I had to get a good job so that I could have a nice house, a nice car, and lots of nice things.

I am not opposed to work. (In fact, I’m looking for work!) I am not even opposed to having “a good job.”  I am opposed to the idea of working for things. I believe in having a job that you enjoy, one that is fulfilling. This is how I wish to approach my career: I want to find a job that is good for me. I want to find a job that I find enjoyable and fulfilling. I want to do work that makes a difference. Ideally, I want to work for social justice.

Working for things will never be enough. Because when it comes to things, there are never enough. There is always the desire for more stuff. Stuff begets stuff begets stuff. The only way for there to be enough stuff is for you to decide that enough is enough.

I do not want to define my life by what I have. Instead, I want to define my life by who I have become. Instead of having a huge house, be a person who has a full and meaningful life. I want to travel and learn and experience life. I want to be be kind and help others.

There is so much more to life than stuff. At this point, I am excited about all the people I am going to meet, all the places I will go, and all the things that I will experience. I am really looking forward to the lives that I will touch. I am looking forward to the fulfillment that comes from living the life of your dreams. These are the things that I would be willing to spend the next several years of my life working for. I’m just thankful that I didn’t spend a lifetime working for stuff, only to realize that it’s not enough, and never will be.


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