Restoring Simplicity (and Sanity) to Your Schedule

Living simply does not stop in the closet. Or in the bathroom. It also extends the schedule. Simple living is about not having excess, and that should include having more commitments that you really need.

Our culture is so busy that most of the time, we collapse at the end of the night, exhausted. Too often I try to do too much in one day. I take on more activities, more commitments, more tasks than I can realistically complete. If I somehow manage to finish my To Do list, I usually have not given my best to anything.

Here are some ways to get started restring simplicity to your schedule:

  • Turn off the TV. The TV is such a huge drain on your time. It is time that can be better spent reading, writing, talking with family and friends, etc.
  • Learn to say no. Be realistic about what you can and cannot accomplish. Keep your priorities in mind when accepting engagements.
  • Get adequate rest. You’ll be more effective at the tasks you need to complete if well rested.
  • Delegate. Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Allow others to help.

With fewer commitments, less time in front of the TV, and adequate rest, perhaps we can bring simplicity to our schedules. Simplicity must extend to our schedules. Simple living includes not running around all day. That is complicated living. That’s clutter on your schedule. Remove the clutter from your closets, your drawers, and your life in general.  And add a bit more sanity to your life.


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