Going Digital

by CaReese

Two days ago, I went digital. Yup, I did it. And I am sooooo glad that I did.

My digital transformation came in two parts (thus far). First, I purchased my first two eBooks. I have a tendency to collect things, and books are certainly no exception. Being a professional student only compounds the problem. I am certainly committed to being a lifelong learner. But I am also committed to living simply and downsizing. So I decided to go digital, and I started my digital revolution with my recreational reading. It’s only two books, but as I continue to read, I’ll save myself a lot of clutter.

Second, I purchased educational bible software. I purchased, in essence, a digital library that contains many resources. This purchase was key because it enables me to continue my educational pursuits without accumulating a lot of clutter and taking up a lot of space. It also saves me the expense of having to buy each book separately.

As I write this I feel the power surging through me for taking this step. I understand that this step, alone, may not seem that significant. But to me, it’s huge. It’s huge because taking my library and my studies digital is very symbolic. It symbolizes freedom. It represents having one less thing tethering me to this spot and to this life. It represents continuity. My actions are in alignment with my mission to downsize. For me, that’s very affirming. Perhaps more importantly, it symbolizes a step on the path toward where I want to be. This step, combined with many others, will take me to the life of my dreams. That, my friends,is huge. It’s monumental. It’s powerful.