Less Stuff, More Focus

I am at a point in my life where I need to focus. Rather than accumulating more things, it’s time that I work toward building a life that I enjoy. This will require dedication and focus.

As usual, stuff is threatening to steal my focus. Just this weekend, I was incredibly tempted to purchase a pair of shoes just because they were on clearance. It’s the never-ending lust for more, more, more. This is the reason that I embraced minimalism anyway — to escape the consumerism that held me captive for so long.

So now it’s time to get my focus straight. My focus is not on accumulating more things (even if they are on clearance). Instead, I will turn my focus to the life that I want to live. That begins with some serious soul-searching, because I do not know what my ideal life looks like. I don’t even know what my purpose in life is. This is where my focus should be, rather than buying yet another pair of shoes.

At this point in my life, I am like a bouncing ball — all over the place. I have some background in Biology, so I am looking for lab jobs. I have some administrative and clerical experience, so I look for administrative jobs. I have a passion for social justice, so I look for jobs at nonprofits. I am looking everywhere, with no real idea of what I want. This has to change.

According to Good to Great, by Jim Collins, I have to focus on doing the thing I do best in the world in order to have great success. I don’t even know what that is! But I do know that rather than bouncing all over the place, I need laser-like precision about what my strengths and priorities are. This will never happen if I am so busy shopping online and in the mall every day. I can’t focus on finding my passion if I am constantly having to maintain and organize an ever-growing mountain of stuff.

And why should stuff occupy such a huge amount of my time and energy? Stuff is not helping me determine my strengths and passions. Stuff is not helping me to be successful in life. Stuff does not make me successful, nor does it indicate that I am successful. Stuff just takes up space.

As I contemplate the type of life I would like to live, I have been consulting some great websites and I would like to share some of them with you:

The Simpler Life

Reading for Your Success

The Art of Non-conformity

Advanced Riskology

Suzannah Scully’s blog

Similarly, If you know of any websites that may be helpful, please leave the link and your thoughts in the comments section.


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