I am looking forward to celebrating Earth Day this year. I try to be environmentally conscious all year long, but Earth Day serves as an annual reminder that the Earth is our home and that we should care for it.

Earth Day is important because, as humans, caring for the Earth is our job. God created humankind and placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it. Adam’s job was to care for his habitat. He gave humankind dominion of over the animals and all the Earth (Genesis 1:26). It is our responsibility to care for our planet.

The good news is that caring for the planet is something that everyone can do. We can all seek to reuse things and waste less. I love using reusable shopping bags. Every time I use them, I think of the plastic bags that have been saved. Using reusable bags is a simple way that everyone can care for the Earth. We can all strive to want less, buy less, and consume less. Less consumption, less packaging to be thrown away. We can also try to recycle whenever possible. Of course, not everyone has curbside recycling, but we can all try to recycle when at the stores. Did you know that The Body Shop recycles empty containers from their store? Did you know that Origins recycles skincare and body care containers from any company? Opportunities also exist for recycling plastic grocery bags at certain grocery stores.

My focus this year is reducing the amount of goods that I purchase and consume. For me, less consumption is not just about packaging. It’s also about storage, maintenance, and saving money. Less consumption is also about less waste. I seldom think about what happens after I throw something away. If I purchase less and consume less, then I throw away less. So I will concentrate on having and using less as a way to honor the earth as well as my commitment to simple living.

How do you celebrate Earth Day?


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