Spring Cleaning

I have long been a fan of spring cleaning. I love the idea of giving the house a good, deep cleaning and clearing out clutter. Of course, this does not mean that I actually did these things. But I have always liked the idea.

Minimalism takes spring cleaning to a whole new level. Yes, I am actually going to do spring cleaning this year. It will be more than vacuuming, scrubbing, and polishing. My spring cleaning will be more mindful. Instead of automatically storing everything, I am taking time to evaluate things to see if they really belong in my life. Some of the things I did:

  • Wash, wash, wash. I have already washed all my clothes — even my coat. I put the heavy clothes away, and brought our the summer stuff. But this is Chicago, so I’m not sure if Spring is here to stay, or if Winter wants to return.
  • Clear Clutter. There is a pile of miscellaneous stuff next to my bed. I hadn’t tackled it because most of the stuff does not belong to me. However, today I went through those things to return them to their proper homes. I’m even de-cluttering my purse (which I am constantly having to do).
  • Organize. Finally, I went through bath products and threw out anything that was old, looked bad, or smelled off. I organized and straightened up what remained. Then I organized my papers, to make sure I’m not saving anything I no longer need.

I am off to a great start. I feel lighter and more organized already. It has inspired me to take it a bit further. Some things that I will do next:

  • Clean the Car. I tend to leave my car out of spring cleaning. Not only is her exterior dirty, I have all manner of stuff in my trunk (no pun intended). What better time to remedy my trunk situation?
  • Detox. I spring clean the house, why not spring clean my body? A couple of weeks of fruits and vegetables will serve to clear the toxins from my body.

Rather than a chore, I now see spring cleaning as an opportunity. I see spring cleaning as an opportunity to reinforce my minimalist values. If any clutter has crept back into my life, this is my chance to banish it. This is a chance for me to consciously take a look at what I have, and how it fits my life. It’s also a chance to envision life as I would like it to be. I envision a life with less clutter and more freedom. I envision a life with more focus and more clarity. I envision a life that is filled with new people and experiences. So today, I cleaned with these ideas in mind. Now hopefully, I when spring does arrive, I’ll be ready to frolic and play.


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