Why Do I Write?

by CaReese

Very simple: I write because I believe.

I believe that my life needs a change. I have been a consumerist queen my whole life. I have tons of stuff, and I am in debt. My life is cluttered. My lifestyle is not sustainable. I do not want this to be my future.

I believe that the world needs a change. We live in a consumerist culture where people buy and buy and buy. Then we have to work long hours to pay for all the stuff. I do not want this to be my fate, and I do not want to see others continue to live that this way.

Perhaps most importantly, I believe in Jesus and the simplicity of the Christian lifestyle. I believe that Jesus lived a very simple lifestyle. As he lived, so should believers in Jesus should live.

I have made my choice. I believe that simple living is the best choice for myself and for the world. For this reason, I write about simple living. Because I am a Christian, I write from a Christian perspective.

Minimalism or Simple Living?

Am I becoming minimalist or am I living a simpler life? Both! I am becoming a minimalist and I am living simply. I am not counting items, but I am careful not to accumulate. I am downsizing my life. For me, simple living and minimalism are synonymous. I use these terms interchangeably.

I am excited about the freedom that minimalism will bring to my life. I am looking forward to having less stuff and more time. I am looking forward to having less clutter, stress, and debt.

I write to chronicle my journey. I write to help others. I write because I believe.