Caterpillars Welcome

I am embarking on the journey to change my life. There are so many things that need changing that I do not have to time, space, or desire to enumerate them. From adopting the minimalist lifestyle to adopting better health habits, I need changes to be made.

Change tends to be difficult and uncomfortable — even if you know what you are doing. Change can be overwhelming if you’re in unfamiliar territory. Even more so if the change is beyond your control.

So often I feel that people are only interested in the finished product. They don’t seem to want the struggling minimalist, or the vegan who keeps faltering. They prefer the ones that have it all together. They prefer the butterflies.

However, each butterfly is born as a caterpillar. They all have had to pass through the caterpillar stage before transforming into beautiful butterflies. Everyone welcomes the butterflies, but not everyone welcomes the caterpillars.

I am a caterpillar. I am learning and growing and it is painful. My life is in transition. I have more questions than answers. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming. Usually it is. When it comes to living simply, I am just a beginner. I come from generations of consumerism. I am so new to this that I am still feeling the shock of being immersed into the minimalist culture.

I admire those that have integrated minimalism in multiple areas of their lives. I appreciate the butterflies. I appreciate their words of wisdom and encouragement. However, I also feel that caterpillars need a place to feel at home, a place to be welcomed. I want to make this such a place.

If you are a caterpillar, observe the butterflies. Hear their words of wisdom. Learn from them. But find other caterpillars travel the path with you. Find others who understand your struggles and who will encourage you along the way.

I am a caterpillar. I will one day be the butterfly. Other caterpillars welcome.


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